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Our entire Staff is Certified and Trained in ACE Course Curriculum Teaching. 

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Mrs. Francine Lavoie-Johnson

Learning Center Supervisor

Mrs. Francine Lavoie-Johnson has worked with the California Unified School District since 1996. She began working as a teacher's aide at The Language Academy in San Diego, Ca, teaching primarily French and general studies. She then branched off into one-on-one Special Education, for children requiring special needs. She also spent years working as a French Teacher at the Lycee Francais. She is a member of the JOR Church, and the newest addition to the JOR  Christian School Family. Mrs. Johnson is a mother of 4, and has always had a heart for the youth and recognized early on the importance of dedicating your children to the Lord, even before they are born.

Mrs. Cory Tabernero

Lower & Upper Level Learning Center Supervisor Kindergarten to 8th grade

 Mrs. Tabernero was born in Northern California and was raised in Hawaii. She worked in the Medical Field at Kaiser Hospital, but after experiencing a strong calling for the Lord in her life, Mrs. Tabernero became Pastor's Administrative Assistant at the JOR Church. She started teaching her 3 sons along with the other youth members back in 2008 at the Jesus Our Restorer Christian School, alongside Mrs. Patricia Gamboa, and saw the growing need to extend the JOR Christian School to the local Community. The school remains small, due to the importance of a one-on-one focus on the spiritual growth of each child in their relationship with Jesus, and to the nature of the individualized instruction method which is geared toward the development of each child’s individual abilities at each one’s own pace.

Ms.Lydia Macatangay

JOR Christian School Principal

Ms. Macatangay began her career decades ago as an RN. She always had a passion to help those in need, which is what drew her into the profession. During a season of working in the field, she was assigned to Pediatric Care, where her heart really grew for children. Being a Mother of 4, she knew it was part of her calling in life to help guide and care for the youth. She joined the JOR Church as one of its first members over 2 decades ago, and began working as a volunteer at the School years later when it was established. She was working one-on-one as Nurse for children with special needs. Mrs. Macatangay saw the need of full-time support at the JOR School, and was eventually elected School Principal, a role she humbly accepted, and into which she put her entire heart.

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