Jesus Our Restorer Christian School

Many peoples will come and say, “Come let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob. He will teach us His ways, so that we may walk in His paths.” Isaiah 2:3a

All your sons will be taught by the LORD, and great will be your children’s peace. Isaiah 54:13

The objective is to develop individuals with academic excellence coupled with Godly character who will responsibly utilize their knowledge with a wisdom that will glorify God and benefit mankind abundantly.
We focus on the following:

 SPIRIT– It is essential that we receive the life of God in us-the Holy Spirit– by receiving Jesus Christ into our lives as our personal Lord and Savior. It is this life of God –the Holy Spirit– who will be the driving influence in all areas of our lives.

 SOUL– By experientially knowing and hearing from God, the Holy Spirit in us will influence our intellect in three ways:
1. Enhance our learning ability so we learn not only through hour natural intellect, but also through the super natural wisdom of the Holy Spirit.
2. Our emotions will be made whole as we grow up experiencing the love of God which can heal all of the hurts, trauma, and disappointments we have experienced in the world.
3. The life of God in us will direct our will to want to do the things of God. And the power of God’s life in us will enable us to act in accordance with His will. Our souls now will be completely submitted to the Spirit of God in us.

 BODY– Our bodies will now be directed by our Godly characters.

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Our school uses the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E) program which focuses on the individualized curriculum and instruction (PACEs) allowing students to progress at their own pace and ability while mastering each concept, therefore decreasing any learning gaps that normally occur in a regular class setting. Because the curriculum is individualized, students are not pressured to keep up with a group or held back by the pace of the group. Individuals will be able to advance in accordance with their individual God-given abilities.

Each PACE is filled with high academic material designed to develop all seven critical thinking skills: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation and Verbalization.

Each PACE is integrated with aspects of the 60 character traits of Jesus Christ. Knowledge is, therefore, always coupled with a character trait of Jesus Christ.

There are 7 Core Subjects: Math, English, Word Building, Literature & Creative Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Bible.

There are 12 PACES for each of the Core Subjects per grade level. An average student may complete 84 PACEs within the school year depending on their ability and progress.

Character Formation– School policies are designed to formulate Godly character. A consistent obedience to school policies even in difficult circumstances will form Godly habits which, over time, will develop Godly characters. Disciplinary
actions are geared to be not only corrective, but also formative of Godly character. In character formation it is essential that parents hold their children to the same standards of behavior outside school so as to prevent children from developing a manipulative character relative to their environment.


Courteous Living– Designed to teach proper etiquette in attitude and behavior at home, school, church, and society.

Christian Home Life– The purpose is to identify and develop the role of a child in a Christian home.

Physical Education– As part of P.E/ students will engage in physical activities and will include informational classes on health and nutrition. Students may also participate in after school sport activities.

Praise & Worship– Students may participate in Dance class, Vocal lessons, and learning musical instruments.

Computer Literacy– Expose the students to computer hardware and software, and give them a working knowledge of computers.



Pastor– Primary role in school is to enable them to experience the Lord. The Pastor will be the head in any school decisions.

Administrator– Responsible for the general supervision of the school and staff such as establishing school policies, school-home relations, and holding staff meetings.


Principal - Responsible for the everyday affairs of the school, and acts as a liaison between the staff and parents, staff and students, and parents and students.

Learning Center Supervisor– Professional Christian educator who supervises the everyday affairs and expedites the daily routines of the Learning Center. Primary role of the Supervisor is not to teach but assist the students in setting and meeting attainable work goals and working closely with them in realizing their goals through the individual PACEs.

Learning Center Monitor– Assistant to the Supervisor in the non-academic issues, general day to day administrative work and supervision of the Learning Center.